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For scheduling please call 317-513-9993.
For technical or any other questions please call 317-291-5888.

Email ...
              General Information -  Info@affordableradon.com
              Lorand -  Lorand@affordableradon.com
              Alissa -  Alissa@affordableradon.com

We are available M-F 8-5 and outside normal business hours by appointment.

We try to reduce the likelihood of voicemail, but it is possible you will have to leave a message, if we have not returned your call in a timely manner, please call us back and let us know, as often our business lines are forwarded to our cell phones to better serve our clients, and this can result in lost messages. The technology is good, but not perfect!

NOTEABLE LINKS: CanSAR.org - EPA.gov - AARST.org - NRSB.org - ASHI.com
VIDEOS: Public Service Announcement (1.1 mb) - Lorand on Radon (13.5 mb)

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